Friday, March 13, 2015

Dream Wedding Contest

As for my last post just rambling on about my dream wedding, decor and ideas but leaving out the photos I mentioned and making it all seem rather cryptic I want to let you know that wasn't my intention. I entered a pinterest contest and since pinterest only allows you to have 500 characters on the top of the page, blog to the rescue to fill in the blanks. Anywho I wanted to share the contest because theres still time to enter (March 19th is the deadline). Search Davids Bridal Contest on pinterest and it'll pop right up. In fact I've come across it a few times but then again I follow Loverly, DB, Bright Pink and Melissa Sweet who are holding this contest haha. The prizes which are in 3 catagories will grant the winners $10,000 each for the best designed weddings with their own specific requests. The rules are simple and what they are looking for just takes some creativity and wedding world love. It's worth a try, take a look!

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